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15,000 African Slaves were buried here, in Manhattan, New York City.

By my calculations, I must have visited New York City at least 70 times, and during those visits, I've driven, walked, cycled and "public transitted" (I know that isn't a word), all over it. I also, for about 5 years now, have been buying the National Parks Service Annual Pass. (It gives you admission to the hundreds of parks, memorials and monuments run by them).

However, it wasn't until some time in 2017 that I heard about this monument.

I immediately made plans to visit. I unfortunately hadn't done my homework properly. First mistake, it ISN'T open on Sundays and Mondays....and second, it was undergoing renovations....which meant that the burial mounds outside were partially obstructed by the scaffolding being used for the renovation work. I was only able to view it from outside. The burial mounds are outside, the gift shop and exhibits can only be experienced inside the building.

If you plan on visiting, it's about a 6 minute walk from the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge. Admission is free.

It's a very moving and poignant memorial and the Parks Service bills it as the only below ground monument in New York City.

This is the outside of the Monument. The burial mounds are on the right of the picture, behind the scaffolding.

The history in this location is very rich....and to think that this may have stayed undisturbed and unknown, but for the fact that a building was being put up on this piece of land. They had laid here undisturbed for about 300 years!

Here are the seven mounds where the recovered remains were reburied, paying as close attention as possible to the traditions, customs and heritage of the dead.

If you look closely at the very right of the shot, you'll notice some grass. That's where the seven mounds are. The Entrance to the monument is right in front. When I visited, the construction had temporary rerouted the walk into it.

My prayer everyday is that the people of the world be kind and show more love to each other. We're each only here for barely 100 years.....and after that, that's it. Man's inhumanity to man is just so pointless that sometimes you've got to give your head a shake and remind yourself of how small you and I are in the scheme of things....but how big our individual actions are overall.

Let's show more love, my friends.

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