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bláa lónið, Iceland.

The title of this blog is Blue Lagoon in Icelandic. (just for fun, try pronouncing it!)

My friends, my ridiculous obsession with cold and ice, put Iceland right at the top of the list of places I just had to visit. So in March 2018, I did!

I could only squeeze in a 4 day trip......I left Toronto on a Saturday afternoon and due to time zone differences, I arrived Keflavik, Iceland at about 4:30 am on Sunday morning, after a 5.5 hour flight. (Keflavik Airport is the International Airport serving the Capital, Reykjavik). The distance between the two is barely 50 kilometres ( 31 miles)…..and the trip takes about 45 minutes. (Iceland doesn't have the ridiculous speed limits of some other places , like on Interstate 15 through the American State of Idaho...…….where it hits 130 kilometres / 80 miles an hour!).

The Keflavik Airport is a converted former American Military Base, that's why the trip from your plane to customs/immigration and then the Duty Free Store and restaurants, feels like you're walking through your old High School.

By the way, when I arrived, DRAKE (the musician) was on rotation on the sound system. These Icelanders are even cooler than their weather!

I picked up my rental car from ENTERPRISE RENT A CAR, just outside the airport. (there's a free shuttle bus that takes you from the building to the rental cars's barely a 3 minute drive). The plan was to start road tripping IMMEDIATELY.

I had specifically asked for a VW Golf...with a manual gear box...(there were no Nissan Altimas), for 2 reasons. First was that I wanted to brush up on my manual skills...…(I hadn't driven a manual shift in at least 10 years), and second was because I had heard that speed limits in Iceland are strictly enforced (police and roadside cameras), and I felt the manual shifting of the gears would remind me that I wasn't driving in Idaho!

About 15 minutes after leaving the Airport, I headed towards The Blue Lagoon. I didn't plan to go swimming in it (I didn't have that kind of time), but I wanted to take early morning pictures and later on, sunset pictures.

I had to get used to roundabouts again (there aren't too many roundabouts in Canada). The scenery and landscape on the drive was just heavenly. The ground in Iceland is mainly volcanic, so it's black....and the contrast of that against the sprinkling of snow, was beauuuuuuuutiful!

The drive into the blue lagoon complex is stunning. I was amazed to see some other little "blue lagoons", right on the road (as in this shot).

FUNFACT! The Blue Lagoon is man made. The smoke you see rising here is from the geothermal power plant, the world's first (built in 1976). The water in the Blue Lagoon is a direct result of the geothermal plant's production activities. Now, because the waste water from the plant can't be pumped into the ocean or's diverted to ponds (like the one here), where the water separates from the silica and other minerals in it, and goes back into the ground....and the most famous of those ponds is ….....yep, you guessed right...THE BLUE LAGOON!

The entrance to the complex is between the building on the left and the sign on the right.

This is what it looks like walking from the parking lot to the complex. Those are black volcanic rocks on the sides of the walkway.

The main entrance into the Blue Lagoon.....This was in March, that's why folks are still bundled up.

Me, fooling around outside the entrance to the complex. Beside and behind me are some of the "other" Blue Lagoons.

I get asked all the time if I ever feel lonely on my solo trips...…...NEVER! I never ever do.

I love this shot....and here's the story behind it. As I was walking back to my car from the Blue Lagoon Complex, I came across the lady in this shot taking pictures with her friend. (They had just come off a tour bus with a lot of Asian tourists).

I just spontaneously grabbed her in this pose, and her friend took the shot. I saw it on her camera and asked if she could take one with my camera too......and that's what you have here, my friends!

The famous Blue Lagoon, as taken from the restaurant inside the complex.

I love this shot...looks very foreboding.

One of the other blue lagoons outside the complex. The steam is from the Geothermal Power Plant.

Yep, another "blue lagoon" on the drive into the famous one.

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