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Driving on Salt! (Bonneville, Utah).

Sometimes, words fail to properly describe an experience. This place falls smack dab into one of those times.

This visit was in August 2017. However a few years before, I had driven by in the middle of a moonlit night, on my way back from San Francisco, California to Toronto, Canada. The stark contrast of the pure white against the black sky is just indescribable. I just recall the landscape changing and looking so out of this world!

When there was no oncoming traffic (so, no headlights), the whole place looked like you were driving on clouds. For as far as the eyes could see, everything was white, with no vegetation whatsoever, the faint silhouette of mountains far away...…..and the moon light. I beat myself up everytime for not taking pictures, I promise you folks, I will fix that, on one of my future trips out that way.

FUN FACT: As impressive as these salt flats are, they're dwarfed in size by the world's largest salt flats, SALAR DE UYUNI in Bolivia, South America. They cover an area about 11,000 square kilometres / 4,200 square miles!...….For comparison purposes, that's 7 times the size of London, England or 1.5 times the size of the Greater Toronto Area, 14 times the size of New York City, nearly 3 times the size of Dubai, UAE, about 3 times the size of Lagos State, Nigeria (not Lagos City, the State!)......….or 100 times the size of these Bonneville Salt Flats!

If you look closely, you can see the "salt veins" on the ground.

This road is on the western outskirts of the Salt Flats, the day I took these pics, there were some folks setting up to race their rides.

The surface is flat and surreal. The fun part of visiting is that there's no speed limit out on the salt flats.....Just speed to your heart's content! If you're lucky and you visit right after a light sprinkle of rain.....the salt ends up looking like a delicately polished mirror. Everything reflects off unbelievable feast for the eyes.

The view from the parking lot just off Interstate 80.

Those little specks between me and the sign, are humans!

….and yes, you've got to wash the salt off your shoes. Unless you want it eating through the mats in your car. You're even advised to hose off the bottom of your car, to avoid the accelerated damage the exposure to salt can have on its body.

Visiting tips.

Bonneville Salt Flats is about 176 kilometres (110 miles) west of Salt Lake City, Utah, on Interstate 80.

If visiting from Las Vegas, Nevada, its 720 kilometres (450 miles) north, up the US 93 Highway.

It may not be advisable to drive your rental car on the salt. read your fine print "FINELY"!

Try wearing clothes that'll contrast from the white of the salt and probably consider two sets of footwear. You really don't want the salt eating into your fine leather or expensive runners etc. Don't wear flip flops or healed shoes....the salt isn't always hard.

Finally make sure your cameras are fully charged and you've got extra batteries, just in case. You'd really hate to run out of 'juice' in the middle of nowhere.

By the way, talking of juice, bring some. There isn't much for food and drink around.

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